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Private Lessons Also Available

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$75 an hour for indoor flow (non fire) classes

$100 an hour for outdoor private fire classes

$125 an hour for indoor private fire classes

Interested in learning different Flow and Fire Props?

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Beginners Guide to Flow and Fire ~ Tara McManus
Fire Safety Class: Part 1 and Part 2 ~ Tara McManus
Fire Eating ~ Tara McManus
Fire Breathing ~ Sage Sovereign

Fire Breathing ~ Rushty Sparks

Beginner Contact Staff ~ Vimala Faith

Intermediate/Advanced Contact Staff ~ Warren Seng

Poi (All skill levels) ~ Warren Seng
Fire Breathing ~ Ash and Flame

Beginner/Intermediate Poi ~ Ash and Flame

Beginner/Intermediate Fire Fans ~ Ash and Flame

Hoop ~ Rachel Armstrong

Circus/Flow/Juggling ~ Martin Kalwill

Beginner/Intermediate Staff - Alice Witchfire

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Fire Safety Class 1 is so full of information, everyone will learn something. If you have never touched fire before ~or~ have been doing it for years, you will find value in taking this class. When you finish class 1, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that is accepted by the FDNY (one document needed for the E29 CoF.

What to bring: Clothing suitable for outdoors, paper and pen. If you want a letter of recommendation for the E29: bring your props, buckets and wear something appropriate to perform fire in.The Floasis can not issue Certificates of Fitness (eg CoFs E-29, F03/F04). The FDNY is the only organization that can test for and issue CoF’s. Our safety course is one of two options accepted by the FDNY as one of requirements for the E-29 CoF.

Fire Safety Class 2

This lecture class has moved to an online format!

It will focus on licensing, permits, and insurance requirements. We will go into indoor fire spinning, how the test works and how the inspectors operate. This class is a lecture about how to legally perform with fire in NYC. We go over licensing, how to make and appointment and what to expect on the test. We also go over permitting, how to file for one and how to make venues safe. We also go over insurance and equipment requirements and where to find them. This class is not accredited by the FDNY and does not guarantee a letter of recommendation or a CoF.

Upcoming Fire Safety Classes



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Fire Community Meeting

March 18th 7:30-9pm

Online via Zoom

Spring 2020 is around the corner and fire spinners are going to want to spin! The Floasis location is no longer an option but we now have 501c3 Non profit status and many more doors can be opened if the community is willing to put in the work to support these events:

Covid19 related financial relief- I am compiling list of petitions and resources to help our community get through this crisis financially.

Jams- Lets legalize a park jam, I am willing to consult on how to do it! it's hard work but I've done it before.

Performances- Fire artists who have a performance vision and want to create their own shows can use our non profit status, equipment and safety staff to create their vision. There will also be Combustion Inc. produced showcases in the summer and fall.

Classes- There are interested students, we need dedicated teachers, someone to organize it and a cheap but convenient class space.


Combustion Inc. will continue the mission of The Floasis to be a safe space. Any violations of a member's consent, hate speech or threats of any kind will not be tolerated. Combustion Inc. retains the right to exclude offenders from community events if they violate these terms.

Part 1: TBD

Part 2: March 26th 7-10pm $25 online via Zoom