Rent Space at The Deep End Gallery



Model: Tara Mc Manus Photographer: Vimala Faith

deep end gallery shoot ground burn

The Deep End Gallery features a 30’ x 30’ private "Gallery" space perfect for many types of uses. The space is adjacent to The Deep End, a hip bar and restaurant that guests of the Deep End Gallery can visit for food and drink.  

Fire: with concrete flooring, small OSHA compliant fueling area and a year round open flame permit, The Deep End Gallery is the best indoor place to burn!  Film/Photography: Walls are painted white, ceiling is 20' high with windows along the top half, they can be covered  

Classes: The Deep End it can fit up to 20 people spinning props depending on the size and range of the workshop.  

Shows: Depending on stage size, The Deep end galler can seat ~50 people.

Interested in renting the space?  You can Fill out THIS form and we will contact you!

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