Is fire and pyrotechnics dangerous?

YES, It absolutely is! The technicians and performers behind Combustion Entertainment are dedicated to safety and fire department compliance. When we book a show through a client, we make sure the local fire department is informed and we are following all local codes. We staff our shows with licensed and insured performers, pyrotechnicians, and fire safety personnel. Every show is supplied with proper fuel containment and fire suppression equipment and we rent to our competition because safety is more important than exclusivity. This is why we partner with Combustion Inc. and offer fire safety training, practice space, and serve as an online resource for FDNY compliance.


How do I know if a venue can have fire?
Combustion Entertainment consultants can assist with venue selection, or if the venue is already set, we can do a walk through and speak to a venue contact to make sure the show is possible and most importantly, safe. Things we look for in a venue are proper exits, up to date extinguishers, flame treated decor and proper alarm systems. If decor is not flameproofed, Combustion consultant are FDNY licensed to flame treat and certify decor.  If alarms need to be temporarily deactivated, we are also licensed to monitor the system while its impaired.



What kind of insurance is needed? All Combustion Entertainment Fire Performers and Pyrotechnicians come with their own individual insurance policy so there is no extra coverage you need to get. We will provide insurance COIs that list the venue, the local fire department and any legal entity producing the event you would like us to cover.


How can I become a fire performer? Check out Combustion Inc. for jams and classes!


How much does a show cost to make? Every performance requires safety staff, equipment, and FDNY permitting, so shows start at $500 and go up from there. We can help you figure out whats possible within your budget, deadline and venue.


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