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Flaming set pieces and props

Combustion Entertainment has a fire throne, fire lanterns, Fire chalices, fire book,  fire globe and "ground burn effects that make it look like the ground is on fire! We can have a fire perfromer ignite theses sets and props with their fire tools or our pyrotechnicians can detonate them from a control panel nearby.

Create a theatrical moment with fire!

Words and shapes on fire

Combustion Entertainment fabricators can spell out pretty much anything in fire, with colored flames, sparklers, fuse and other pyrotechnic effects. These sets can be ignited by a fire performer and their tools or our pyrotechnicians can detonate them from a control panel nearby.

Make a literal statement in fire!

Flame Projector Devices

Combustion Entertainment  pyrotechnicians can rent and operate flame projector machines for your event. These machines use state of the art technology to shoot real flames! Extra coordination with the venue and our team of consultants and pyrotechnicians is necessary. We also have fog geysers that create a safer alternative to this effect.

Concert style flame projectors

slingshot ground burn

Build your quote now!

Fire Permitting in NYC:

Open flames and other uses of propane such as heaters considered Special Effects in the city of New York. To have any of these effects requires a permit from the FDNY, and a Licensed SFX Technician to supervise the use of the effects. If you already have your own equipment, you can hire a Combustion Entertainment SFX Technician to be in compliance with the city. Our Technicians will help obtain the permit, ensure all FDNY compliances are met, and supervise the effects throughout the event. Save time and money by filing all effects, like fire performers, fog and sparks, on the same permit together!

Flame and fire effects can

light up your next event!

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