Theatrical Fog is a great way to create ambiance at your event!

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Low fog, Dry Ice

Low fog can add a spooky effect, create ambiance or create a theatrical environment. Combustion Entertainment FX technicians can fill a room with low fog or add a creative touch with the fog cauldron, which uses programmable LED lights to color the fog. The fog cauldron colors can be set to match the geysers as well.

Immerse yourself in the ambiance

Fog Permitting in NYC:

Fog, haze, C02 jets, and all forms of smoke machines are considered Special Effects in the city of New York. To have any of these effects requires a permit from the FDNY, and a Licensed SFX Technician to supervise the use of the effects. If you already have your own equipment, you can hire a Combustion Entertainment SFX Technician to be in compliance with the city. Our Technicians will help obtain the permit, ensure all FDNY compliances are met, and supervise the effects throughout the event. Save time and money by filing all effects, like fire and sparks, on the same permit together!

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Fog Geysers

Fog geysers create a big spalsh of color and dramatic moment in an evening. Chose between any combination of colors to match your theme or match the mood of the night. The red and amber color combination are a great simulation of flames without the hazard!

A 20' tall column of colored smoke!


Lasers and beam lighting are in demand for all types events. Without haze in the air, beams and lasers can't be seen, so most laser and lighting suppliers supply  their own hazers. In NYC, hasers are regulated by the FDNY because they can trigger fire alarms. Combustion Entertainment technicians can get the necessary permits and make sure alarms are offline and being monitored.

Essential for lasers and beam lighting

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