Propane Heaters for outdoor venues in NYC

What we offer:

Every venue has different needs, we offer all of these services separately. We can help you file your paperworks and make site plans to demonstrate heater placement. We can train your staff to get certified or hire out certified technicians. We can rent you the heaters and bring you the propane. Details below:

- Permit assistance: $100, filing “attestation” includes rendering of site plan and submitting paperwork to the FDNY. We can also request any specific exceptions from the FDNY, like allowing heaters under flame proofed structures.

- Heater rental: Specs Here  - Tall floor units: $100 a week + $300 deposit per heater

                                                  - Small table top units: $75 a week + $150 deposit per heater

- T93 Technician: $30 an hour, provides constant supervision and maintenance of the heaters and keeps guests from touching them.

- Propane training: $100 per employee, 2 employee minimum. Training is  on site and customized to the venue, this class will prepare you to pass the FDNY test and be able to operate and maintain the heaters. Spanish language translator available for $100 flat fee.

- Propane Transportation: $30 per trip in our network; Ridgewood, Bushwick & Williamsburg. +$20 fee for out of network.

we offer drop offs at opening hour, pickups at closing and mid day refills for days that are over 8 hours.

-Propane Gas: $40 per 20 lb tank (for tall heaters)

                 $5 per 1lb tank (for table top heaters)

What services do you need and how much will it cost?

We know this can be a lot to process, we have created a form ( to help us generate a weekly quote for you! To understand what is required by the city, see below...


Regulations: Portable heaters fueled by propane (LPG)

In an effort to simplify NYC fire code for propane heaters in outdoor dining, this is an abbreviated version of Fire Department Guidance: Comfort Heating of Restaurant Patrons in Outdoor Dining Areas .

Who can have propane heaters?

- Sidewalk seating only when authorized by the Open Restaurants program; prohibited on roadways.

- Dining areas in privately-owned outdoor spaces located at grade (such as front yards, side yards, rear yards or courtyards, and parking lots).

- Heaters that use 20-pound propane containers are not allowed in any location that would require propane containers to be brought into a building to transport it to the heater. For example, if you have an outdoor dining area in a rear courtyard accessible only through a building, you are not allowed to use 20-pound propane containers. In these locations, your propane options are limited to heaters using one-pound propane containers, such as “table top”  heaters.

What do you need to legally operate propane heaters?

- A permit, In an effort to streamline the permitting process, the Fire Department will accept a completed “Attestation”. The Attestation will serve as an expedited application for the appropriate permits to use propane and/or the portable space heater.

-An operator holding a T93 Certificate of Fitness (AKA CoF or license) To obtain a Certificate of Fitness, an individual must pass a Fire Department examination, it only costs $25, information here. The Certificate of Fitness holder will be responsible for personally supervising the connecting and disconnecting of propane containers, ensuring proper and constant supervision of the heater. They must be on the premises at all times while the container is connected to the heater and ensure that a heater that is on is never left unattended.

Can I store propane at my restaurant?

Storing propane in NYC has many restrictions, See supporting documents for the full list of requirements (pages 5-6).  

- Any restaurant that wants to store propane containers onsite must obtain an additional FDNY permit to store propane containers

- No 20-pound container could be used/stored/brought into buildings. Without the FDNY propane storage permit, no 20-pound container is allowed stored onsite. One-pound containers can be stored up to 45 containers.  

- Propane must be used in a well-ventilation outdoor area.  Never store or place any 20-pound propane container below grade, indoors, on a roof.

-Never store propane containers on the public sidewalk or the public way. If restaurants do not have an approved outdoor storage area, all propane containers must be removed from the premises at the close of business.


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