Gerbs, fountains of sparks!

Gerbs are a shower of sparks anywhere from 6'-20' and burn for a range of seconds. Smaller Gerbs like Ice Fountains and Bottle Service Sparklers are a more contained way to spark a big moment as well. Gerbs can be mounted straight up, on angles, spinners or pointing down for a waterfall effect.  

Feel like a rock star with gerbs!

Spark props

Combustion Entertainment offers "Boom Fans" which activate 10 small ice fountains or larger gerbs for a huge impact! Other props are available to order including staff and poi. We will also book you the perfect perfromer to dance with the props and dazzle your audience!

Like fire fans- but with sparks!

Sparkular Machines

Create spark moments all night with the push of a button or running on a sequence! These cold spark machines are very safe for indoor events relative to other pyro effects. These machines have become popular amongst AV technicians but in NYC, its illegal to operate them without a permit and a licensed and insured pyrotechnician. Combustion Entertainment can handle permitting and supervision of other technicians who own/operate them.  

Programmable Spark Machines

Build your quote now!

Spark Permitting in NYC:

Spark machines, sparklers and other forms of sparklers are considered Special Effects in the city of New York. To have any of these effects requires a permit from the FDNY, and a Licensed SFX Technician to supervise the use of the effects. If you already have your own equipment, you can hire a Combustion Entertainment SFX Technician to be in compliance with the city. Our Technicians will help obtain the permit, ensure all FDNY compliances are met, and supervise the effects throughout the event. Save time and money by filing all effects, like fire and fog, on the same permit together!

Sparks will fly at your event!

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