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with your information to suit your fire show




Venue Letterhead

Name: Venue Owner

Address: ________________


This letter is to certify that (Venue Owner), (title), is fully aware that (Venue FDNY Contact person) will be hiring professional fire performers for (Name of event) on (Event dates or ongoing). This will occur indoors at (Venue Address, Indoor/Outdoor/Both)with appropriate permitting from the FDNY. There may be rehearsals and testing of flame effects leading up to the event.  All operations will be conducted in accordance with NFPA Guidelines and NYC Fire Code Chapter 33. When not in use, fuel will be stored in an approved container(s) for fuel storage. All events will require safety personnel briefed in the appropriate safety procedures. We are entrusting the event organizers and (Venue FDNY Contact person) to adhere to all necessary fire & fuel safety protocols throughout the course of the events.



Signed: __________________________________  Date: ____________

Print: ____________________________________

      Venue Owner




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