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Fire Friendly Venues in NYC

Combustion Entertainment holds a yearly permit for an indoor space thats perfect for fire photo and film shoots, rehearsals and small events. We can also help you scout and permit existing spaces and offer on site compliance services.

Spaces perfect for Photoshoots and  events with fire!

Fog Options

Add fog!

Wether its spooky low lying fog or 20' tall spouts of fog, we can enhance the ambiance at your event with fog! With the addition of LED lighting, we can match your event theme or the mood of the moment. Combustion Entertainment also offers FDNY compliance for fog and haze as they are considered special effects in NYC.

Create ambiance and immersive effects

Flaming Prop Options

Flaming Sets & FX!

Choose from our combustable props and set pieces  or have them custom made, including words and images! To create a real wow moment, our fire dancers ignite them with props or our pyrotechnicians can ignite them remotely with the push of a button!

A real statement piece

Safety Equipment Order Form

Safety Equipment

When Combustion consultants generate your quote, we will add the necessary equipment and personnel to the quote. If you are producing your own effects and need to rent our equipment or personnel, we can also create a quote A la Carte!

All Safety equipment and personnel is included

Fire performer videos

Book a Fire Performer!

Combustion Entertainment has access to licensed and insured fire performers to suit any event! There are a variety of options with props, music and costumes. We also handle the booking, permits and safety requirements.

We have fire dancers of all varieties!

Producing unforgettable shows with fire performers and pyrotechnics!

Build your quote now!

Spark Options

Create Sparks

Safe, legal indoor pyrotechnics are now available for all types of events! Add some BOOM to a fire dance with boom fans! Or for a fireworks effect, we can set of spark fountains or spark waterfalls at your event!

Hand held props or ground effects!

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Propane Services

Propane heater services in NYC

Outdoor dining in NYC has become a big part of the city experience. With cold weather , keeping customers warm is a challenge. We offer permit assistance, heater rental/sales  and propane deliveries. We also have a staff a licensed and insured techs to keep your guests warm and safe!

Licensed and insured operators for propane!