About Combustion Entertainment

Combustion Entertainment is an innovative pyrotechnic production company with a unique approach. We specialize in combining fire performers with special effects for events, nightlife, film, theater and other creative productions!

We also offer consulting and compliance services for all things fire ranging from fire shows to the essentials like fire pits, propane heaters and fog machines.  

When your event is stuck because of an FDNY compliance problem, we have the equipment and the staff to resolve it!


Fire & SFX Production:

- Fire Performer Booking & Permitting

- Special Effects Show Production for Original Shows

- Pyrotechnics Monitoring & Permitting for Existing Shows

- Fire Pit & Propane Heater Techs



- Permitting and Staffing for FDNY Compliance

- Flameproofing Services

- Equipment Rental


FDNY Licensed Staffing:

- E18; Special Effects Pyrotechnician Class A

- E20; Fireworks Pyrotechnician

- E28; Fire Producer

- F01 Impairment Fireguards

- F03/F04: Assembly/Temp Assembly

- S95; Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems

- C15; Flame Retardant Treatment

- G23; LPG Outdoor Events & Mobile Cooking

- G46; Non Flammable Gases

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